Gregory Isaacs

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Night Nurse Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse
Cool Down The Pace Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse
Tune In Gregory Isaacs The Lonely Lover
Babylon Too Rough Gregory Isaacs Total Reggae: Classic Roots
Sunshine For Me Gregory Isaacs Black & White
Stranger In Town Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse
Material Man Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse
Hot Stepper Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse
Soon Forward Gregory Isaacs Love Songs: The Box Set
All I Have Is Love Love Love Gregory Isaacs Greatest Hits
Universal Tribulation Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
The Fugitive Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Once Ago Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Cool Ruler Come Again Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Front Door Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Confirm Reservation Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
If I Don’t Have You Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Hush Darling Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
My Only Love Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Oh What a Feeling Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Wailing Rudie Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Permanent Lover Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Poor Millionaire Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Top Ten Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Substitute Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Come Again
Soon Forward Gregory Isaacs African Struggle Vol.2
Another Look Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
Miss Claudy Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
Im Still Waiting Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
Revenge Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
Beauty Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
Night Nurse 2012 Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
Mi Name Gregory Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
Have I Sinned Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
The Key Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
It Is'nt Easy Gregory Isaacs Revenge Mi Name Gregory
Soon Forward Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
Black Liberation Struggle Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
Soon Forward Gregory Isaacs Reggae Anthology 2015
Poor And Clean - 1990 Digital Remaster Gregory Isaacs Once Ago
Mr. Brown Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
Lonely Girl Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
Slave Market Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
Down The Line Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
Jah Music Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
Bumping And Boring Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
My Relationship Gregory Isaacs Soon Forward
Poor And Clean Gregory Isaacs Ziggy Marley In Jamaica
Soon Forward Gregory Isaacs Reggae Anthology: Gregory Isaacs - The Ruler [1972-1990]
Soon Forward Gregory Isaacs Sly & Robbie Present Taxi Trio (Dennis Brown Sugar Minott Gregory Isaacs)

Greatest Hits
Special Edition
Slum in Dub
Rock Away
The Lonely Lover
Roxy Theatre 1982
Dub Versions - EP
Come Along
One 2 One, Vol. 2
Permanent Lover
Touch Of Class
Lets Dance
Substance Free
Black & White
Loving Pauper
Cutie Cutie
Hard Core
Live 1979
Live 1984
So Much Love
Greatest And Latest
Hold Tight
In Dub
Dance Hall Don
Cool Ruler Style
Out Deh
Mr Cool
Soon Forward
Once Ago

Gregory Anthony Isaacs ⋆15 July 1951 in Kingston, Jamaica, ₫ 25 Oct 2010 in London, UK, was a Jamaican singer and songwriter. He recorded an enormous amount of songs in the genres (regular) reggae, lovers rock, roots reggae. His nickname was the Cool Ruler. By the late 1970s, Isaacs was one of the biggest reggae performers, regularly touring the US and the UK. Well-known songs are Night Nurse, Mr Cop, My Only Lover, Tune In, and Love Is Overdue. He became an international star 1978 after signed to Virgin Record's Front Line, and appeared in the movie Rockers with the song Slave Master. The two Front Line albums Cool Ruler and Soon Forward did, however, not sell as good as expected from someone regarded to be the third or fourth reggae artist in the world after Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and maybe Jacob Miller (singer in the band Inner Circle). Drug problems with cocaine and crack cocaine in the early 80s decelerated Isaacs carrier substantially, but not completely. He released 73 studio albums with original material, and over 500 compilation or remix albums. He worked together with almost all big Jamaican music producers of the 70s, 80s and 90s. - - - Gregory Isaacs (born on 15 July 1951 in Fletchers Land, Kingston, Jamaica and died on 25 October 2010 in London) was a Reggae singer and songwriter. Gregory Anthony Isaacs is known as "The Cool Ruler" for his seductive crooning vocal style. Gregory attributed his greatest musical influences to R&B greats Sam Cooke and Percy Sledge, in addition to Delroy Wilson, Alton Ellis and Ken Boothe. In the late 1960s, Gregory first performed in a vocal trio called The Concords, after being encouraged by Byron Lee. By 1970 the group had split up. He subsequently formed his own label, African Museum. In the late 1970s he emerged as one of the most prolific and popular recording artists in Jamaica. He released a number of self-produced singles on his own African Museum (JA) label with Errol Dunkley. Much of Isaacs' output reflected the 'conscious' themes of Roots Reggae, but Isaacs was equally adept at interpreting more mainstream Lovers Rock material. Early hits include "My Only Lover", "Sinner Man" and "Mr. Cop", recorded at Lee Perry's Black Ark Studio. A period in the 1970s with the GG's label and its producer Alvin Ranglin produced hits like "Border" and "Number One". Personal problems affected him, particularly battles with a cocaine addiction and a possession charge, which prevented him from touring in North America for a significant part of his career, until a pardon could eventually be secured. Isaacs recorded with a number of producers, including the Riddim Twin's (Sly & Robbie) Taxi Records, who gave them their first hit with 1979's "Soon Forward" , After a series of releases with Sly & Robbie, Gregory built a strong relationship with Gussie Clarke of the Music Works label. In addition to these local Jamaican labels, The Cool Ruler had had releases on Trojan, VP, Virgin's Front Line and English producer Tad A. Dawkin's Tad's Records. Isaacs would would eventually sign with Chris Blackwell's Island Records which resulted in the international release of Night Nurse (1982) and Out Deh! (1983). Perhaps his most popular recordings in his native Jamaica are "All I Have Is Love", "Mr. Brown" and "Hard Drugs", the latter being an anti-drug anthem that dominated radio in the late 1980s and was released as a hidden track on England's Tad Records All I Have Is Love, Love Love LP. In the 1990s Gregory's African Museum label continued to release all of Gregory Isaacs' music, and that of artists he produced. He continued to record and perform live in the 2000s, and it has been estimated that Isaacs has released over 500 records in his career, which includes singles and compilations. Isaacs, who was 59 years old, died of lung cancer on 25 October 2010 at his home in London where he spent part of his time. A sad loss to the world. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.